A PHP framework is a platform to build PHP web applications / websites. Frameworks provide libraries for commonly used functions, which helps to cut down on the amount of original code developers need to write from scratch.

A PHP framework provides a basic foundation for the development of web applications in PHP. Frameworks are useful because they speed up and standardize the development process, reducing doubts about how to start building an application.

Developers either beginner or experienced always like to use frameworks to develop web project as you can manage your code, business logics, design in define pattern and place which help everyone to understand every easily so in PHP you can have numbers of available frameworks but now we are showing you top 10 frameworks listed below:

Top PHP Frameworks:
1. Laravel
2. CodeIgniter
3. Symfony
4. Cake PHP
5. Yii
6. Zend
7. Phalcon
8. FuelPHP
9. Slim
10. PHPixie

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