Rahul Gupta

Mr. Gupta started his career in the IT industry as a software developer and has spent over 15 years working with multinational companies and clients around the world.
Mr. Gupta has extensive experience in product development, marketing strategy and customer building, e-commerce, web design, and team building. He enjoys developing products that solve user problems in real time. Mr. Gupta founded Ravya Technology with an aim to provide the best and most affordable solutions in the market with integrity and commitment.
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    17 years
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    Delhi India
Experience 92%
Development 75%
Engineering 80%
Leadership 98%

From Founder

We empower businesses, drive innovation, and create cultures of excellence through cutting-edge technology solutions. We will establish his IT company as a recognized industry leader that provides unparalleled value to our customers, fosters a dynamic and collaborative work environment, and contributes to the broad range of technological advances that will shape the future.

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