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A Tool is Designed and Developed by Ravya Technology to Generate Leads and Networks along with Network Tree.
Tool helps people to generate Joining Link to get more people underneath.


Member Management: This feature allows administrators to manage and track the activities of the network members, including their personal details, performance, and earnings.

Downline Management: MLM software helps track the hierarchical structure of the network, including the relationships between distributors and their recruits. It provides an overview of the entire network and enables effective management of downline activities.

Commission Calculation: One of the critical functions of MLM software is to accurately calculate commissions and bonuses for distributors based on their sales performance and the activities of their downline members.

E-commerce Integration: Many MLM software solutions offer e-commerce integration, allowing distributors to manage their product inventory, process orders, and track customer purchases through a unified platform.

Payment Processing: MLM software often includes secure payment processing features to manage financial transactions, including distributor payouts, commissions, and other financial operations.

Replicating Website: Some MLM software includes the capability to create replicated websites for distributors, providing them with personalized sites to promote products and recruit new members.

Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into the performance of the network, sales trends, and the effectiveness of marketing strategies, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Communication Tools: MLM software often includes communication tools such as messaging systems, email notifications, and announcements to facilitate effective communication between members and the management.

MLM software plays a vital role in simplifying the complex operations of multi-level marketing businesses, enabling efficient management, tracking, and growth of the network. It helps businesses streamline their processes, enhance distributor engagement, and ensure transparency in the compensation structure, contributing to the overall success of the MLM business model.

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MLM software serves as the backbone of such businesses, providing a range of features to streamline various processes, including sales, commission calculations, downline management, and more.
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